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How to Move a Piano

Jun 10

Moving a piano in Austin is difficult. Pianos are heavy and can be dangerous to move alone. If you do not want to hire a professional, these are some things you should consider.

The Essential Tips for Moving a Safely in Austin, TX

  1. Get a helping hand

Pianos can be very heavy with the top half being extremely heavy and the middle being lighter. However, their feet are much more delicate. It can be hard to move the piano by yourself if you do not have superpowers. It is recommended to get at least three or four people to move your piano.
It is important to ensure that you choose people who are strong enough for the task. Anyone with strong arms can help move the instrument, whether they are your family members or friends.

  1. Buy the Right Equipment

You will need heavy-duty straps in order to hold the piano steady while you move it. A furniture dolly, which will lift and support the piano's weight, is also required. You can rent or buy one.
You should secure the piano to a furniture dolly by using straps or ropes. This will prevent it from falling. Talk to a moving company to find the best equipment for your piano.

  1. Secure the Keyboard Lid.

Without a keyboard, a piano would not be an acoustic musical instrument. It is therefore essential to protect it. It is vital that you close the piano's lid and lock it to ensure it doesn’t move. Wrap it with tape if the lid is not locked.

  1. Wrap the piano in a blanket

To protect it, wrap it in a blanket before attaching it to the piano with packing tape. You should ensure that the blanket chosen is thick enough so that no bumps or marks can be caused by it.
You shouldn't lift the piano by its legs if it has been properly wrapped. With the assistance of others, move it upright. It's better to avoid the hassle of moving the piano yourself. Hire professional piano movers Austin to take on the difficult task of moving your piano.