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Your Quick Guide to Maintaining Drainage Pumps

Apr 7

While molds seem part of the natural wear and tear in your home, this can be a sign of water problems in the area. Mold buildup can be quickly addressed as homeowners install a sump pump in their crawlspaces or basements. But, if you want to avoid possible sump pump concerns, routine maintenance of drainage pumps Rock Hill, SC is a practical move to consider. 

A sump pump is an often-overlooked device in homes or commercial properties. It prevents water, moisture, and mold buildup in basements and crawlspaces. What’s more, it prevents floods, risks of appliance damages, or fires brought by electrical problems. 

Tips on Maintaining Drainage Pumps

When you have installed a sump pump in your home, avoid the mistake of thinking you’re safe from a disaster. Always keep in mind that a faulty drainage pump won’t save you. As much as possible, maintenance must be done diligently to avoid expensive damages later on. Here are some tips on how you can maintain drainage pumps. 

Never Unplug Your Sump Pump

It happens more than you think. When someone goes into your basement and unplugs an electrical outlet, they may unknowingly unplug the sump pump. Always keep your sump pump plugged to avoid water buildup. 

Check for Loose Wiring 

When doing maintenance on your drainage pumps Rock Hill, SC, always check for loose wiring. One indication that you have a loose wire is when a sump pump suddenly stops. However, always be careful in checking electrical wires. Turn off the main electrical power source before checking any appliance. 

Sufficient Area in Your Float Switch

The float switch signals your sump pump motor to stop once the water level is low. Because of this functionality, the sump pump will require sufficient space around the switch to freely float or sink. When there isn’t enough space, the float switch may not work properly, resulting in a burned motor. 

Water Flow from the Check Valve

Another critical component of a sump pump is the check valve. It is a barrier that prevents water from flowing backward and into the pump. Always check if the arrow pointed around the check value indicates the direction in which the valve should face. This arrow must point away from the sump pump.


Clean Pump’s Inlet Opening/Screen

Your sump pump is responsible for keeping water away from your property. But, there are instances where water flow can include debris. To prevent your sump pump motor from operating ineffectively, always clean your pump’s inlet opening to keep the debris out. 

Perform a Routine Sump Pump System Check

Every three to four months, it is recommended that you check your sump pump system. Pour a bucket of water over the device and take note of how quickly it responds to the water flow. The water should raise the float, and the sump pump should activate once it detects water flow. Reach out to the pros for assistance when this task seem challenging on your part.

Call the Drainage Pumps Pros!

If you’re experiencing concerns with your sump pump or don’t know how to do routine maintenance, calling the experts should be your top choice. When you encounter problems with your drainage pumps, it’s best to contact Crawlspace Xperts right away! The company is the trusted crawlspace professional in Rock Hill, SC and the nearby areas.

They can provide excellent and top-notch maintenance of drainage pumps Rock Hill, SC that will ease your worries and save you a lot of money from property damage in the future. They use industry-leading tools to deliver quality results.