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Are You Ready to Move to Hawaii

Jan 25

If you're looking for a tropical paradise, Hawaii is the place to go. It has beautiful beaches and friendly people. The Aloha State isn't all about sun and fun. It can be challenging to move your belongings between places. Moving to Hawaii is a big undertaking, especially when you consider the high cost of living there.

Hawaii is a wonderful place to call home, despite its many challenges. This article will provide all the information you need about Hawaii and its cost-of-living.

The Islands

Hawaii is a chain of more than 100 islands that was formed by volcanic activity in Pacific Ocean. Six of the most important islands will be explored: Oahu (Maui), Kauai Island of Hawaii and Molokai. Fourteen of these islands have substantial populations. It is very unlikely that you can live on Molokai and Lanai because there are not many jobs.

Before you decide to move, it is important to get to know each island. Each island is unique in its weather and character. We recommend visiting the area both day and night to get a good feel for it. To help you get started, we have provided basic descriptions of Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii.

Oahu, home to almost 1.02 million people, is the most populous of all islands. Honolulu is also the capital of Oahu. Honolulu is a great place to call home for those who are moving from the mainland. It has major highways, shopping malls, offices, restaurants, and other office buildings. Families can choose from a variety of public and private schools.

Maui Although Maui's population is slightly larger than Oahu, it still only has about 1% of its total. It is also less job-oriented. You can find work remotely on Maui or find a job.

Kauai Kauai is home to 72,000 people, so it is more difficult to find work in Kauai than Oahu or Maui. It is the most beautiful island with its rainforests and waterfalls, which has earned it the title of "The Garden Island".

The Island of Hawaii is home to the second largest island population. However, it can still sustain a large number of people. If you plan to move there, you will need to have a car in order to cover the long distances.

The Culture

Moving to a new place can be challenging. It is much easier to adapt to a new culture in Hawaii. First, you'll be living on an Island. Island fever is a feeling of claustrophobia and claustrophobia experienced by some people who live on an island. Also, Hawaii is quite far from the mainland. It is 2,560 miles from California by air. It is possible to feel alone and long for your loved ones.

Malihini, or stranger is actually a local term for foreigners. Most malihini will return to the mainland within the first year. This is why most locals will be suspicious of you. You can adapt to Hawaiian culture easily and fit in with other Hawaiians by doing a few simple things. Learn more about the state's history. Also, you might want to read Hawaii's story from Queen Liliuokalani and Captive paradise. A History of Hawaii (James L. Haley). It is also a good idea to learn some basic words.

Living costs in Hawaii

Hawaii is the most expensive state in America. Honolulu is still one of the most costly cities in the United States. Area Vibes shows Honolulu has a cost-of living index score of 185. This is 85 per cent higher than the 100-year national average. This is slightly lower than Hawaii's overall cost of living index score (175). This is due the high cost of groceries. Many items have to be shipped from the mainland, so groceries are 71% more expensive than the national average and goods 28% less.

Cost of housing is a significant factor in living costs. Area Vibes reported that Honolulu's average housing cost is 171 percent more than the national average. With 150 percent more housing prices, the state isn't faring much better. See the section on real estate below for more information about Hawaii's housing prices. It is easy to see why Hawaii is the most expensive state. Add utilities, which are 102 per cent more than the Honolulu average, and transport at 45percent.

This should not be a deterrent. If you compare the cost of living in Honolulu to San Francisco, you'll find that Hawaii's capital is actually cheaper. The overall cost of living in San Francisco is 105% more than the national average, while Honolulu's 85% is lower. You may not feel a financial shock if you live in San Francisco, which is a very expensive city. However, if you are coming from a lower-priced city, the high costs of living in Hawaii can prove to be very costly.

Hawaii Jobs

The unemployment rate in Hawaii is currently 6 percent at the time of writing. This rate is higher than the national average of 3.9 percent. The current unemployment rate in Honolulu stands at 5 percent.

According to WorldAtlas tourism is the largest industry in the state. It is responsible for approximately 21 percent of the state's economy. The U.S. plays a significant role in defense. The U.S. The headquarters of the Pacific Command is located in Hawaii. The Navy, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard are also located in Hawaii. Other important industries include mining, construction, fishing, and agriculture.

Many jobs in tourism are seasonal. This is why employers hire many contract or part-time workers. These workers cannot be eligible for full-time insurance. You might still need to find full-time work to pay your living expenses.

Salaries in Hawaii

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average income in the United States is $56,310, and that the average salary for a person living in Hawaii is $58,190. Hawaii's cost of living is 71% more than the national average.

Based on how Americans allocate their salaries, Honoluluans need to spend more money on their necessities than other Hawaiians. American households spend 33.8 % of their income on housing and 12.5 percent on food. Honolulu residents average 38.7% on housing and 16.3% for food.

Entertainment is a significant portion of Americans' income. The average American spends 4.9%. The average Honolulu resident only spends 3.2 percent. American average spends 2.7% on apparel and other services to look his best. Honolulu residents spend only 1.9 percent. He might not have enough income to spend on unnecessary things.

Hawaii Real Estate

As mentioned, Hawaii housing is very expensive. According to, the median Honolulu listing price is $650,000. The average cost per square foot is $668. This is not the most expensive. Maui's median home listing price is $896,000. It averages $787/sq. foot. Kauai houses are $940,000, and the average price per square foot is $680. foot.

U.S. Census Bureau data. According to U.S. Census Bureau data Hawaii has more than 465,000 households. Over-crowded households account for 8.5 percent. This means that more people lived in each room of the 8.5 percent Hawaii household. Around 60% of households are occupied b a tenant, and 40% are occupied b a homeowner.

Renting a house is more expensive in Hawaii than renting one elsewhere. reports the Honolulu average rent for a one-bedroom apartment at $1,845. Studio apartments are currently listed for approximately $2,000 per month. For approximately $4,000., you can find two-bedroom units. Rent on Oahu will cost you more than rent on the Big Island of Hawaii. In the middle are Maui and Kauai.


Hawaii has a progressive state income tax. It is based on your federal adjusted Gross. This means that you will pay more to get more. For those earning less than $200,000. The rate is 1 percent. For those earning more than $200,000. The rate rises to 11 percent. Hawaii has the highest income tax bracket in the United States with an 11 percent rate.

The country's third highest sales tax, at 12.7 percent, is in fact. A taxable purchase not only will result in higher living costs but also means you'll have to pay more tax.

There are good news for property owners. Hawaii has a low rate of property taxes. Owners are exempt from tax for the first $80,000 of assessed value. Owners pay a flat $3.50 per $1,000 thereafter, until they reach age 65. For those aged 65 and over, the exemption increases to $120,000

What should you take to Hawaii with you when you move?

It's not about what you should bring but what you shouldn’t. According to locals, you should not bring large items except your car. You should sell all furniture (most rental houses are furnished), and donate any belongings that don't fit in your suitcase. If you plan to return to the mainland, they recommend that you store your belongings. Shipping to Hawaii is expensive.

Your question about what to buy before you move to Hawaii? Don't buy anything if you aren't sure it's available. Even if the item is not available on the islands, you can have it sent to you by someone else.

Moving to Hawaii

If you don't have a lot of money, moving to Hawaii can be easy. Book your flight, then pack your bags. It is best to only bring the essentials if you're looking for an affordable way to move to Hawaii.

Moving to Hawaii can be more challenging if you have multiple items. Anything that you cannot fit in your suitcases will have to be shipped by boat, or in a box. Smaller items can be sent by mail. You will need a shipping container for furniture.

How much does it cost to move to Hawaii?

The method you choose will affect the cost of moving to Hawaii. All your belongings can be packed in suitcases. You will still need to pay for a flight ticket as well as baggage fees. For any mailed items sent via UPS, FedEx or USPS, you can add cost. Mailing anything to Hawaii will cost you more. A 1-pound package to be sent from Los Angeles to New York would cost $9.14 according to, an authorized USPS vendor. To Hawaii, the same package would cost $28.09.

The cost of moving your entire family will increase if you have to. Your belongings will need to be transported in a shipping container. You can choose from two sizes: 40ft or 20ft shipping containers. Costs to ship items to Hawaii depend on the location you load your container. Los Angeles is generally more expensive than Las Vegas.

Transporting a 20-foot shipping container from Los Angeles to Honolulu costs $9,000 A 40-foot container is $13,000. This high price will make it tempting for you to sell your belongings and buy new ones when you get there.

In order to cover your living expenses in Canada, you should have at least six months of savings.

How do you transport your pet to Hawaii

Because it's an isolated chain, it can be difficult to transport your pets. This is the only country where rabies is not an issue. Any domesticated animal that is being transported to the Islands must be accompanied by an adult. Due to Hawaii's fragile ecosystem, some animals can't be brought to Hawaii.

It is important to plan ahead if you are moving from Hawaii with your pet. Start by checking whether your pet can be brought into Hawaii. As long as the pet does not cross with another species, such as a dog/wolf hybrid, most dogs and cats are allowed to enter Hawaii. Prohibited animals include snakes, hamsters (hermit crawls), geckos, toucans, porcupines, geckos, and geckos. It is also illegal for a pregnant animal to be transported from Hawaii.

You should ensure that your pet is current on all vaccines and that you have all records from the vet. Your pet may be eligible for direct release if everything is in order. A 5-day quarantine may be necessary if a minor problem can be resolved quickly. Oahu will continue to quarantine pets that are not eligible for either.

How to move your car

You can ship your car from the mainland. However, it is best to sell all of your belongings before moving to Hawaii. It is likely that you will do this, since Hawaii does not have public transportation beyond Oahu. Although you can sell your car to buy a new one when you arrive, it will be more expensive than any other item that you purchase in Hawaii.

It is important to decide if shipping your vehicle from Hawaii is right for you. Consider the age and condition your car. How old is your car? Is it possible that your car will need to replaced in the near future. Consider how useful the car will be for island living. An SUV may not be the best choice, since gas can be very expensive on the islands. A gallon of gas costs $3.32 on average. reports that the same gallon of gasoline costs $4.28 in Hawaii.

If you want to ship your vehicle from the United States into Hawaii, there are two options. You can drive your car to the port and pick it up in Hawaii. This is known as RORO, or "roll-on-roll-off", and it's also the most affordable. If you live far from the port, this is not an option. Instead, most people hire someone to drive their car to the port from their home. Then, they have it delivered to Hawaii.

Prices will vary depending on the car type and the distance to the port. You can expect to pay $2179 to ship a sedan from Columbus OH, USA to Kauai. You will need $299 to ship a sedan between Miami, OH and Kauai. Shipping a Honda Pilot from Miami, OH to Kauai will cost you $2,300 The cost of shipping a Honda Pilot to Columbus is $2,300

Your furniture and other belongings can be moved in the same container as your car. This will protect your car's paint against the seawater but it can increase shipping costs. Oil and gas are hazardous materials so this may not be a good idea. Additional labor costs may be incurred for bracing your car in the container.

Before shipping a car from Hawaii, you must have all necessary documentation. You will need the lien holder authorization or vehicle title to move the vehicle. To move the car, you will need to have the lien holder authorization or vehicle title. You will need to have two sets of keys in order to be secure: one for your car and one for your vehicle.

These are some things you should remember before moving to Hawaii

  • When you move to Hawaii, it is important to transfer your Hawaii driver's license to Hawaii. Driving in Hawaii is a must. Local businesses may offer discounts to you.
  • Parents often choose private schools to educate their children over public schools. If you have children, do your research and consider the cost of private schools.
  • Don't be surprised if you are without baking soda. You'll quickly learn how to use what you do have.
  • Car insurance is just like other things, expensive. What is the cost of Hawaii car insurance? The amount of coverage you require will determine how much you should budget for Hawaii car insurance. This is in addition to the $900 you would pay on the mainland.

Are You Ready to Move to Hawaii

Are you moving to Hawaii? Moving to Hawaii? Enter your zip code, state, and the name of the city in which you plan to move. You will receive a free report that contains information about the city such as demographics, real estate information, and more. The report also includes information about the quality of life. offers a wide range of reliable and reputable movers to assist you in finding the right company.

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